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Steps to earn rewards

Social Media Onboarding

Go to Galxe and complete the tasks.

For completing all the tasks, you will receive 330 CAV bonuses on Mainnet.

Note: Before receiving points on Galxe, make sure you have clicked the “Share Data” button, otherwise you won’t receive any rewards.


Go to CoinAvatar platform and authorize through Metamask.

Please check some tips how to display CAV tokens in your wallet:

  • Switch to the Sepolia network.
  • Navigate to the ‘Tokens’ tab in Metamask.
  • Hit the ‘Import tokens’ button.
  • Add the contract address:

Mint a Mold

Explore the entropy process and enjoy your first minted mold.

Make a drawing to start the Mold Minting process. The more creative your drawing is, the more creative Mold you’ll obtain.

You will get 100 CAV bonuses on Mainnet.

Mint a Coin

Mint a Coin out of the mold you have. Enjoy the aesthetic!

You will get 200 CAV bonuses on Mainnet.

Refer a Friend

Fill in the form with your friend’s email and wallet address.

We will secure bonuses for you after your friend mints their first Coin and follow us on Twitter (Please note that the account should have been created at least a year ago; new accounts are not allowed).

You and Your Friend will get 1 FREE MOLD on Mainnet.
There is no limit on number of friends you invite.

Experience CoinAvatar

CoinAvatar is packed with an array of features designed to enrich your DeFi journey.

  1. Use our unique molds to mint your own visually appealing and rare coins
  2. Create distinct and rare assets by combining attributes through an exciting mold fusion process
  3. Take your crypto staking to the next level by crafting yield-bearing LSD assets
  4. Craft unique assets with an embedded fixed floor price, unlocking up to 95% loan-to-value potential in lending market
  5. Buy and sell molds and coins on our marketplace

Unleashing Multiple Earnings Pathways

Unlock earning avenues through mold & coin creation, trading rare coins, and staking rewards

Join the Non-Fungible Assets revolution today

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We Work With the Best

Kyrylo Yusov
Kyrylo Yusov CEO

  • 15+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, 6 in blockchain
  • Co-founded multiple companies including a development company Jelvix
  • Managed over 50 software development projects and managed 150 employees

Alisa Krasnitskaya
Alisa Krasnitskaya CPO

  • 7+ years of experience in management and BD positions
  • Led product strategy in several related industries, from financial services and crypto to IT outsourcing
  • In charge of ensuring that the user experience is flawless

Svyatoslav Nadozirny
Svyatoslav Nadozirny CTO

  • 20+ years of experience in software development and blockchain technology
  • Specializes in system architecture and security protocols
  • Tech stack includes dApps, NFT tokens, smart contracts, smart contract audits, and Python, JavaScript, Solidity, C#/C/C++, Java languages

Svyatoslav Vlasenko
Svyatoslav Vlasenko Project Economic Specialist

  • 10+ years of experience in finance & business analysis
  • Honed his craft in multinational companies and applied learnings to startups
  • Expertise in financial modeling and forecasting, tokenomics, and budgeting

Maxim Baburin
Maxim Baburin Fractional CMO

  • Chief Marketing Officer at Web3, DeFi, DeSocial, GameFi
  • Owner at Blockchain Ninja Agency
  • 20+ years of Growth Marketing Executive
  • 20+ Product & web3 companies launched
  • ExCMO @Hacken & @Chainers

Sasha Andrieiev
Sasha Andrieiev Visionary and Business Advisor

  • 15+ years of experience in managing startups and leading innovation
  • Invested in dozens of early-stage crypto projects
  • Over the past 11 years, scaled Jelvix from inception to a leading enterprise software development company with over 200 team members

Radovan Vukotic
Radovan Vukotic CFO

  • 8+ years of experience in data-driven business strategy
  • Specializing in blockchain venture capital, hedge funds, and startups
  • His expertise in Web3 and investments helps CoinAvatar achieve ROI-driven growth