Layer 2 value-enhancing solution for digital assets

  • Visualize crypto, LST, LRT to add extra rarity value
  • Access DeFi with ease
  • Get the best APYs and daily yields
  • Make crypto gifts unique
  • Stand out
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What Is CoinAvatar?



Our mission is to enhance the value of crypto by transforming it into unique, rare, and visually appealing assets, creating new earning and investment opportunities.


Our vision is to revolutionize the crypto landscape by making digital assets more valuable, versatile, and accessible.

CoinAvatar is a multichain protocol that visualizes your crypto, LST, and LRT as unique, valuable, tangible assets, adding extra value through rarity. By bridging DeFi with Bitcoin Ordinals and ERC-721 standards, we create innovative financial tools and new ways to maximize your crypto investments.
Transforming crypto holdings, users can earn, HODL, make gifts, collateralize, stand out, and pay off, adding versatility and enhanced value.

Extra value through rarity

Users can add an extra value through rarity to their crypto, to sell it at a premium price.

Daily yield and 95% LTV

Our assets provide daily yields and up to 95% Loan-to-Value, far surpassing DeFi’s typical 50%.

From Bitcoin Ordinals to Ethereum ERC-721

CoinAvatar supports various standards across multiple blockchains.

Liquid Staking Derivatives

Our assets represent locked-in crypto, LST, or LRT with 1:1 reflection.

Visualizing any crypto assets

Unique touch-and-feel experience throughout 
the platform interaction.

Why CoinAvatar?

Get Started
in a Few Simple Steps

  1. Connect your Metamask wallet to register on the CoinAvatar platform
  2. Create a mold using the CAV (CoinAvatar token)
  3. Add a crypto, LST, or LRT to the designed mold for coin striking
  4. Choose a staking option for generating rewards
  5. Create your unique, rare and beautiful coin
  • SymbolCAV
  • CategoryDeFi
  • Token Distribution
  • BlockchainETH

  • The token is used to create molds, coins, molds fusion, meltdown, purchases on the marketplace.
  • Use contract address to display tokens in your wallet: 0x96D1398AF7fed7f0ddec9000761edd5a42dfA8e4

We Work With the Best


Earn on your assets

  1. Sell and buy unique assets
  2. Track your assets available for sale comfortably
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