Obtain unique, rare and beautiful assets without spending funds, simply lock them inside.

  • Obtain your Bitcoin Ordinal or ERC-721 assets in the form of coins by locking your crypto, LST, or LRT.
  • Get daily yield with the best APYs via DeFi / CeFi integrations
  • Multiply your yield by using our assets with loans up to 95% of their value in lending services
  • Experience zero price drop of your assets
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What Is CoinAvatar?


Our Mission

Is to redefine the non-fungible assets landscape by integrating DeFi capabilities, unlocking unprecedented yield value and opportunities for our users.

Our Vision

Is to establish a world where non-fungible assets are not just collectibles but pillars of a new financial ecosystem that stretches across industries.

Yield-bearing LSD Assets:

Mint your rare and beautiful assets in the form of coins, which are directly linked to your staked crypto with a 1:1 ratio, adhering to Bitcoin Ordinal or ERC-721 standards. These coins provide daily yields, exceptional liquidity and stability against market volatility.

Fixed Floor Price + 95% LTV:

Our coins are backed by locked-in crypto, which allows us to establish a fixed floor price. This unique feature provides access to loans of up to 95% of the coin’s value through lending services, significantly enhancing your borrowing options.

3x More Yield:

By combining the built-in staking of our Coins with the ability to obtain higher loans through 95% LTV, CoinAvatar creates a pathway for you to potentially earn up to 3x more passive income compared to traditional non-fungible assets.

Lending with no barriers:

In the traditional market, securing large loans typically requires investments around 10 ETH. CoinAvatar assets reduce this entry barrier significantly. With an investment as low as 100 USDT, you can access larger loans—up to 95% of your coin’s value and with extended terms.

Instant Liquidity:

Unlike traditional non-fungible assets, which may sell slowly or depend on market conditions, our coins provide immediate liquidity. You can dissolve your coin on our platform at any time to access the locked funds, regardless of market price fluctuations.

Why CoinAvatar?

Get Started
in a Few Simple Steps

  1. Connect your Metamask wallet to register on the CoinAvatar platform
  2. Create a mold using the CAV (CoinAvatar token)
  3. Add a cryptocurrency to the designed mold for coin striking
  4. Choose a staking option for generating rewards
  5. Create your unique, rare and beautiful coin
  • SymbolCAV
  • CategoryDeFi
  • Token Distribution
  • BlockchainETH

  • The token is used to create molds, coins, molds fusion, meltdown, purchases on the marketplace.
  • Use contract address to display tokens in your wallet: 0x96D1398AF7fed7f0ddec9000761edd5a42dfA8e4

We Work With the Best


Earn on your assets

  1. Sell and buy unique assets
  2. Track your assets available for sale comfortably
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