How Does
CoinAvatar Work?

CoinAvatar introduces innovative assets that blend digital art with robust financial utility, allowing up to 95% Loan-to-Value in DeFi services and delivering up to 3 times the earnings of conventional non-fungible assets. Unlock assets' financial possibilities with CoinAvatar.

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Discover a new way to create a unique asset with CoinAvatar

Users need to follow a few simple steps

  1. Log in on CoinAvatar platform using your Metamask wallet

    Connecting a Metamask wallet is required to enter the CoinAvatar platform.

    With Metamask, you can deposit, store, and withdraw CAV platform tokens and supported cryptocurrencies as well as your LSD assets.

    Log in on CoinAvatar platform using your Metamask wallet
  2. Mint a mold

    To mint your coin, you first need to mint a mold.

    You can get a mold by:

    A mold on the CoinAvatar platform is a ERC-721 or Bitcoin Ordinal asset; you can sell it on the marketplace.

    Mint your Mold
    Mint a mold
  3. Make molds fusion

    You can “fuse” 2 molds to get a new mold with rare attributes.

    The resulting mold helps you to mint a more compound coin, which gives specific bonuses during staking.

    Make molds fusion
  4. Add a cryptocurrency to the designed mold for coin creation

    Choose a desired crypto from your wallet to mint a coin. The selected cryptocurrency affects the conditions and types of staking on the platform.

    The rarity of the coin attributes depends on the amount of crypto locked inside the coin and molds fusion.

    mint a coin
    Add a cryptocurrency to the designed mold for coin creation
  5. Choose a staking option to start generate yield with your LSD asset

    Staking is one of the most stable options for generating bonuses in the world of cryptocurrencies.

    There are two types of staking available on the CoinAvatar platform: CAV and DeFi staking.

    Choose a staking option to start generate yield with your LSD asset
  6. Put molds and coins on the Marketplace at any time

    Another user can buy a coin that is in staking and already generating yield.

    It is our exclusive feature on how users can get their assets back during the staking period.

    Put molds and coins on the Marketplace at any time

Receive your own digital gem

CoinAvatar Guide

Check out the below guide and make your crypto exclusive, tangible, and seen.

Technical Glossary

Coin is a non-fungible asset created to visually represent the user’s crypto in their wallet while providing them with specific opportunities to generate additional financial benefits and passive income.

Technically, the coin is based on the ERC-721 or Bitcoin Ordinal standards and can be generated directly by the user via the CoinAvatar decentralized application or purchased via intra-platform or third-party marketplaces. During the minting process, the user chooses which crypto will be locked inside the asset.

Mold is a non-fungible asset that can be generated by the user directly on the CoinAvatar decentralized application or through purchase on intra-platform or third-party marketplaces. The mold is based on the ERC-721 and Bitcoin Ordinals standards and serves as a template for creating coins.

Molds have distinctive attributes passed down to the attributes of coins. Combining two molds can result in acquiring specific bonuses for future coins. Users can sell their customized molds on the CoinAvatar marketplace or other reputable platforms.

Features of the CoinAvatar platform

The non-fungible industry initially gained popularity as a creative outlet for people to express themselves and potentially profit as collectors and makers.

But many collections remain detached from reality and do not help users express themselves in any way. Moreover, their speculative nature made them unreliable investment decisions.

CoinAvatar helps visualize users’ crypto assets, making them more tangible and unique and providing more non-fungibility. It is another crucial step towards the implementation of non-fungible assets in everyday life.

And when combined with the possibility of crypto passive income, you can create a coin that will simultaneously become your digital gem and visualize your crypto assets.

Creating molds and coins

You can get a coin and mold simply by using the marketplace and buying it from other users. But in this way, users severely limit themselves in variation.

If you want to control the process, the mold can be created on a decentralized application for a nominal fee of $7.5 in CAV tokens. Then this mold can be fused with another one to get a more exclusive version or immediately used to create a coin.

If you decide to create a coin by yourself, you must choose in advance which cryptocurrency you will use while minting the coin.
A CAV token will give you access to the CAV token staking option and other cryptocurrencies, respectively, to other DeFi staking options.

Currently, the platform supports cryptocurrency created based on Ethereum and wrapped tokens obtained by users at special services for exchanging cryptocurrency for its counterpart in the Ethereum network with a pledge of the original token.


Attributes are characteristics of coins and molds that visually describe and tell users what their assets looks like.

The constructor uses the combination of these attributes to give users a visualization of their assets in the form of a virtual coin created from a particular material, with unique engraving, and so on.

There are tens of thousands of possible combinations of these attributes on the CoinAvatar platform, which make each coin and mold unique. Some attributes, such as the materials, can range from familiar to exclusive and expensive.

Users can invest more of their crypto assets to achieve a greater rarity of attributes. In turn, the more expensive a coin looks, the better it will be appreciated by other users on the marketplace.


Coin Creating Cost

There are two ways to get a coin on the CoinAvatar platform. Users can create a coin from scratch or acquire it in the marketplace.

The total cost of creating a coin from scratch is $15 in CAV tokens and a minimum of $1 of chosen cryptocurrency, which will be locked into a coin, but the nominal value of each coin is not less than 0.001. However, keep in mind that the more you invest, the greater your profit is.

The minimum price of the created coin will be no less than the locked crypto used to create the coin. Once created, the value of a coin in the market is influenced by three key factors:

  • Growth of the audience of the platform;
  • The price of crypto assets used;
  • The complexity of the coin.

Value of Coins

Why do people buy non-fungible assets at all? Everyone strives to show their creative nature and develop their emotional intelligence. Our assets have become a new stage in the evolution of familiar art and fulfill precisely this function.

By investing in them, users receive a unique and aesthetically beautiful piece of digital art that reveals the process of creating and collecting in a new way.

The CoinAvatar project aims to create a unique symbiosis between the non-fungible and DeFi worlds by taking the best of both spheres, making the user’s crypto assets more tangible and non-fungible. Thanks to сoins, your crypto wallet will no longer be a set of incomprehensible numbers.


Molds fusion

CoinAvatar’s platform offers a unique feature where users can fuse two molds to create a rarer and more valuable version. The process involves using one mold to create a symbiosis with another mold, resulting in the creation of a new variant that contains the attributes of both molds.

Although the user loses two molds in the process, the new rare variant can be more financially attractive.

Through this fusion process, asset owners can access new and exciting attributes that were not present in the original molds. Furthermore, each fusion offers the possibility of acquiring rare attributes not possessed by the two original molds, making the new mold even more valuable and in higher demand among collectors and retailers.

This process, which we call “the evolution of attributes”, involves two attribute pools. The first pool is available to all molds, while the second pool is exclusive to fused molds. The more fusions a mold undergoes, the higher chance it has of acquiring an attribute from the second pool, thereby increasing its future collector value.

Staking process

CAV token staking is ideal for those who want to control their returns manually. Molds fuse mechanics enable users to receive detailed and rare attributes, which can lead to increased user revenue.

To gain a CAV token staking opportunity, a user must get a coin with the CAV token locked. If the platform token is staked, users will receive a CAV token in their wallet regularly.

CAV token staking interest rate depends on three key factors:

  • Staking period;
  • The number of fusions;
  • The number of invested tokens.


DeFi crypto staking

DeFi crypto staking is appropriate for those who want to profit from other cryptocurrencies. Users can easily connect to DeFi protocols through the platform without visiting other platforms.

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Safety, Security, and Fees

Connecting a Metamask wallet to the CoinAvatar platform is safe for your assets and personal data.

In fact, connecting your wallet does not do anything significant, does not initiate any transactions, and does not share any of your personal information with the platform. This process is necessary for further requests from the CoinAvatar dApp to your wallet.

CoinAvatar platform incurs fees for some of the actions available on it. The cost of each transaction is $7.5 in CAV tokens. A comprehensive list of these transactions includes:

  • Creating and fusing molds;
  • Creating and demolishing coins;
  • Buying and selling coins and molds on our marketplace;
  • Activate staking inside of coin more than once (the first time is free as a part of the demo period).