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Create exceptional coins to maximize your rewards and showcase your individuality.


Coin and Mold attributes

Attributes are classified into two types: mold attributes and coin attributes. Different combinations of attributes will make the end coin unique and exclusive.

Mold attributes, such as shape, diameter, pattern, etc., are unique and transferred to the coin upon its creation. Fusing molds allows the user to get rarer attributes.
Coin attributes include stones, texture and material, coin defects, etc. To expand the range of options, we've incorporated over 30 distinct materials and more than 50 varieties of gemstones
*Uncommon materials and gemstones add to the exclusivity of the coins.



Benefits of crypto visualizing

Visualize your crypto and get into a fascinating crypto world.

Aesthetic experience. Create exceptional coins that can never be replicated elsewhere.
Staking yield. Take advantage of various high-stakes staking options available on the platform.
Active rewards. Sell truly outstanding assets on the marketplace.
Express yourself. Share your masterpiece and join a broad crypto enthusiasts community.