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on Staking with CoinAvatar

Discover CoinAvatar's dual staking options: CAV staking with our token or through our DeFi Protocol Aggregator, maximizing your yield across preferred protocols. Elevate the value of your coins by staking them in various lending services for enhanced digital asset worth.


Maximize the value of your coins

Choose between different staking option during asset creation

CAV Staking

As a true crypto enthusiast, you can determine your own level of yield generation, which depends on three key factors.

Staking period

The longer the selected period, the higher the interest rate.

Number of fusions

The more molds you fuse, the higher your yield will be.

Amount of assets

The staking interest rate is directly proportional to the amount of crypto assets by the user in the general pool.

Be among the first to stake CAV and get the best yields.

Defi Aggregator

As a professional crypto investor, you value your time.

On our platform you can choose various DeFi options for your crypto, entrusting your funds to reliable liquidity pools




  • Compaund and Iron Bank for ETH
  • Venus, Valas, CREAM for BSC

Please note

The liquidity pools available for staking on the CoinAvatar platform may change at any time due to market changes, industry modifications, and community feedback.

CoinAvatar will evolve into a full-fledged DeFi aggregator and Staking Provider, offering users access to the most valuable liquidity pools in a single location. Check the details in our Roadmap.

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Cryptocurrency staking is accessible to everyone

The CoinAvatar platform supports Ethereum-based tokens

Our supported tokens:

How to activate staking on CoinAvatar?

  1. Visit our web app to create your first mold. Or take a look at the marketplace and choose already existing options.
  2. Lock some of your crypto in the mold to create a full-fledged coin with access to staking. Remember, the more tokens you lock, the more significant rewards you can get.
  3. Select appropriate options. Decide whether you want to stake CAV token or other cryptos and сhoose available opportunities.
  4. Claim your reward whenever you want.

Start enjoying the staking rewards and the growth of your crypto assets with CoinAvatar!