Meet Our Talented Team of Experts

All the team members bring their deep knowledge and valuable expertise to propel CoinAvatar forward!

Kyrylo Yusov
Kyrylo Yusov CEO

  • 15+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, 6 in blockchain
  • Co-founded multiple companies including a development company Jelvix
  • Managed over 50 software development projects and managed 150 employees

Alisa Krasnitskaya
Alisa Krasnitskaya CPO

  • 7+ years of experience in management and BD positions
  • Led product strategy in several related industries, from financial services and crypto to IT outsourcing
  • In charge of ensuring that the user experience is flawless

Svyatoslav Nadozirny
Svyatoslav Nadozirny CTO

  • 20+ years of experience in software development and blockchain technology
  • Specializes in system architecture and security protocols
  • Tech stack includes dApps, NFT tokens, smart contracts, smart contract audits, and Python, JavaScript, Solidity, C#/C/C++, Java languages

Svyatoslav Vlasenko
Svyatoslav Vlasenko Project Economic Specialist

  • 10+ years of experience in finance & business analysis
  • Honed his craft in multinational companies and applied learnings to startups
  • Expertise in financial modeling and forecasting, tokenomics, and budgeting

Oleh Rubanik
Oleh Rubanik Blockchain Architect

  • 4+ years in Blockchain and Smart Contracts. Led and developed over 15 projects on EVM chains.
  • Expertise in DeFi, Lending protocols, Staking, NFTs, DEX, Governance, and more.
  • Security-focused smart contract auditing in diverse team settings.
  • Mentorship and leadership roles in complex blockchain project development.

Maxim Baburin
Maxim Baburin Fractional CMO

  • Chief Marketing Officer at Web3, DeFi, DeSocial, GameFi
  • Owner at Blockchain Ninja Agency
  • 20+ years of Growth Marketing Executive
  • 20+ Product & web3 companies launched
  • ExCMO @Hacken & @Chainers

Sasha Andrieiev
Sasha Andrieiev Visionary and Business Advisor

  • 15+ years of experience in managing startups and leading innovation
  • Invested in dozens of early-stage crypto projects
  • Over the past 11 years, scaled Jelvix from inception to a leading enterprise software development company with over 200 team members

Radovan Vukotic
Radovan Vukotic CFO

  • 8+ years of experience in data-driven business strategy
  • Specializing in blockchain venture capital, hedge funds, and startups
  • His expertise in Web3 and investments helps CoinAvatar achieve ROI-driven growth

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