We are thrilled to announce the integration of the Polygon Amoy Testnet into our project. This is an important step towards our goal of making our platform accessible to users of all popular chains.

Why Polygon?


Polygon offers several advantages for testing purposes:

  • Blazing-fast transactions: Experience near-instantaneous transactions, mimicking real-world user interactions without delays.
  • EVM compatibility: Seamlessly integrate with existing tools and infrastructure built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

How to add Polygon Amoy test network?


  1. Navigate to https://chainlist.org/?search=Amoy&testnets=true
  2. Click on “Connect Wallet” and confirm it.
  3. Click “Add to Metamask” and confirm the signing requests.
  4. Once you click the button you will see a MetaMask Notification, now click on “Approve”.

You will be directly switched to Polygon Amoy Testnet now in the network dropdown list.

How to get MATIC test tokens on Amoy?


  1. Switch the network in your wallet to Amoy Testnet and connect into our webapp.
  2. Click "Mint Matic" and connect your Discord to receive tokens.
  3. Switch the network on the site to Polygon PoS (Amoy) and enter your wallet address.
  4. Submit and wait for tokens to appear (might take a few minutes).
  5. Click “Add token to Metamask” and follow Metamask instructions.

All set! You can now test our platform.



Join testnet now and secure your bonuses as soon as we transition to the Mainnet! Seize the opportunity to be an early adopter today and pave the way for future success!