Dear Testnet participants, due to the upcoming shut down of the Goerli testnet, CoinAvatar will be moved to another network called Sepolia. The transfer will be made on December 27th 2023.

Please note that all test CAV tokens and Non-Fungible Asset Molds&Coins will disappear from your wallets but all actions you have made on the Goerli are counted and your bonuses will be accrued accordingly.

If you’re just entered the testnet and received your test CAVs, please try to complete all necessary actions mentioned in the testnet instruction till 27th of December so that no missed opportunities and bonus situations occur.

Why do the Goerli Network Will Be Deprecated

As stated, the decision to deprecate the Goerli Network was made to ensure that the Ethereum ecosystem has a viable, stable, and safe path forward to grow. It will now be replaced by Holesovice in 2023, as it is stated in Ethereum documentation.

Why did We Choose Sepolia

The CoinAvatar development team conducted careful research and found the best solution to continue our testnet. We are also following the official Ethereum recommendations to use Sepolia as a testnet due to its restricted validator set and higher stability guarantees.

How to Change the Network in your Metamask Wallet Instruction

How to Change the Network in your Metamask Wallet Instruction: 1. Open your Metamask Wallet 2. Open the list in the upper left corner 3. Choose the Sepolia Network 4. Make sure that you have enabled to show the test networks;

What Happens If You Don't Make it till Dec 27th?

In case you didn’t complete the testnet tasks by Dec 27th for various reasons, since we understand that the holiday mood may be distracting sometimes, and we encourage you to spend time with your families, we have prepared a form for you to submit during the next two weeks (or 14 days) after January 2nd, 2024. We will check your history to avoid duplicates and will send you new testnet tokens to complete all actions and receive all the bonus tokens you deserve.

The form will be available on Jan 2nd!


The New Year will bring us changes, but we are pretty sure that those changes are for good only. We will do our best to ensure that this transfer goes smoothly, and you will not feel any difficulties in using the platform.

Please feel free to share your questions and concerns with us! Our admins will be happy to answer them all!